Shri B.S. SANDHU has taken over the charge as Regional Director in ESI Corporation Odisha Region on. 2nd FEB 2015



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Validity of TIC now shall be restricted to 1 month from the date of TIC registration. OPD and Inpatient benefits shall be restricted if TIC is invalid. IP families must be trained to go to the Pehchan Camp / Local Office / Employer for Biometry capture before lapse of TIC. However, in emergency situation, processing through .emergency registration screen. is not restricted. In such situation, provision of Healthcare Management may be based on the authoritative discretion, merit and the Emergency nature of the case as per guidelines issued from time to time.


25.07.2014 Attention of Employers Coverable Under the ESI Act, 1948  
06.03.2014 The New Amnesty Scheme 2014